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  • “I Would Not Marry An Older Man Like Regina Daniels” – Actress Princess Nnenna
  • Nollywood actress, Princess Nnenna Orji has assured her fans that she will never marry an older man like her colleague, Regina Daniels.
    In this exclusive interview, the Abia State-born thespian revealed what she desires in a man. Enjoy it.
    What are you currently working on?
    I am working on my own movie, and I just started off with my clothing line, Prom Culture.
    Tell us about the most challenging movie you’ve done?
    My most challenging movie is the most recent one. In it, I had to switch to a different person entirely. It is titled, Rough Diamond.
    What is your best advice for someone who just joined the movie industry?
    I’m still an up and coming actress, but the best advice I’ll give to a person just coming into the industry is: be yourself.
    Which actors do you look up to as your role models?
    For me, it still has to be Genevieve. She’s an actress I will really love to work with, because she’s no longer thinking Nollywood, she’s thinking Hollywood. Another actress I’ll love to work with is Adesua (Wellington). Adesua has been my crush from the onset, but my number one is Genevieve. I’m not just in Nollywood now, I see myself in Hollywood.
    What should your fans expect from you now that you’ve transformed to an adult actor?
    My fans should expect the best from me, better than what I gave them as a child actor.
    What’s your fond memory as a kid actor?
    I will always say the kind of money and fame I got then was really interesting. But I can’t go back in time because you have to keep moving forward.
    How does it feel coming back to the industry after acquiring a degree?
    It feels very exciting. The movie industry has always been a home for me even when I’m not there. Taking a break from the industry is the best thing that ever happened to me. Although, coming back was not easy, it takes God’s grace. I had to go around reminding people that I’m back.
    How would you compare the industry now and then?
    The industry is much better now. A lot of new things have happened, and new faces have emerged. It is really competitive now, but I think the only person you should compete with is yourself, because that’s who you really need to work on. Once you start competing with another person, hate is bound to set in.
    What’s the craziest thing a fan has done to you?
    The craziest thing a fan has done to me was carrying and spinning me around. I was surprised and thought I was being kidnapped.
    Has any producer tried to sexually harass you?
    I give them the impression that ‘you don’t need to come here, it’s a no go area’. I’m not rude but I’m very disciplined.
    Who are the actors you have crush on?
    Having a crush with someone does not mean you will do something crazy with that person. If I’m alone in a room with my crush, I’ll just be blushing that ‘oh my God, I’m in the same room with this person’, but I would not think about anything extraordinary or negative.
    Sex for role, have you had a personal experience?
    You eat what you get served. If you give the impression that you are in the industry to exchange roles for sex, then that’s what you’ll get. But when you give the impression that you’re serious, you know what you are doing, that’s what they’ll give you.
    What is your unique selling point as an actress?
    My beauty has been my major selling point, because I can’t say I have the greatest height or the greatest body.
    Rumours have it that Somadina Adinma started dating you because his then girlfriend, Regina Daniels dumped him?
    Somadina and I are very close friends, we went to the same school and we’ve both been acting since we were very young. I cannot say it’s true, I cannot say it’s not true. My answer is I’m in a relationship; I’m not in a relationship. That’s the best way to answer the question because if you say you are in a relationship, they start asking who the person is. Let me leave people to their opinion until they see anything.
    Would you marry an older man like Regina Daniels?
    No, I can’t go that far. Regina Daniels did what she did for reasons best known to her. That’s what she wanted for herself and I respect her decision so much, but I wouldn’t do that, I’m an understanding person.
    What do you desire in a man?
    First of all, I desire a God fearing man. I need someone that will understand me and go along with me, not someone that will ask me to dump my career. I’m not looking for a wealthy man; he should just be comfortable enough to take care of my children and me. But he must be richer than me.

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