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  • Buhari Is A Moronic President, Elected By Stupid People – Islamic Scholar, Imam Of Peace 
  •  The Popular Islamic researcher, Imam Tawhidi, has hammered Buhari, expressing that He is a dumb president, including that he cherishes Conflict with the goal that he can stay in power.
     Nigerians should realize that I’ve really had contact with his office previously, during common clashes (Shia-Sunni/armed force conflicts). I was going to come to Nigeria for arrangements and help accomplish harmony between orders. Be that as it may, it would seem that Buhari adores strife so he can remain in power
    President Buhari’s religion guarantee they don’t have anything to do with psychological militants in Nigeria. However when I uncover fear mongers in Nigeria… President Buhari’s fans assault me on the web. An idiotic President is constantly chosen by blockheads.

    “I love Nigeria. I have one Nigerian companion and she’s astonishing. One of the best and genuine individuals I know. I additionally welcome my new Nigerian devotees on Twitter. You have an excellent nation however it would be increasingly lovely without the fear mongering empowered by Dictator Buhari.

    “Nigerians please make a special effort to be cautious from the Covikkk infection.”

    “Look who’s inclining number 1 in Nigeria. On the off chance that the degenerate Nigerian government needs more… I will assume control over the media story instantly. I’ve done it previously. #PresidentCovik won’t recognize how to manage me. Quit supporting fear mongers. Quit manhandling the individuals.

    “Fear based oppression is a universal concern however you mirror the attitude of Mr. Covikk’s help base. Continue humiliating yourselves…

    “I’ll state it once more: Whoever decided in favor of Buhari, particularly for the second time in the wake of seeing his disappointments to get serious about fear mongers, is 100% idiotic, stupid and flighty. Survivors of fear based oppression because of Buhari’s ineptitude couldn’t care less about minority or larger part casts a ballot. Wake up.

    “Whoever bolsters Buhari isn’t just absurd yet additionally liable for his wrongdoings paying little mind to their nationality. I’m not in any case Nigerian and I am defending Nigerians. Possibly you ought to do likewise as opposed to shielding the religion that put that Covikkk criminal in power.

    “More lies. I am not Nigerian nor am I a supporter of Zakzaky and the psychological oppressor system in Iran. I detest Zakzaky. Reprimanding Buhari doesn’t mean I support Zakzaky. I dismiss them both. I take orders from one individual just and that individual is my woman.

    “The President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari still doesn’t have the foggiest idea about the name of the infection executing 24,000+ at such a fast rate. Tending to the country about it just because, he articulated the infection as ‘CIVIK 1-9’. His companion, Imran Khan, thinks Japan and Germany share an outskirt.

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