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  • Coronavirus: 10 reasons why total lockdown is a waste of time and cannot work in Nigeria
  • I’ll Summarize the Points to back up this claim in the thread with excerpts from Soludo.

    1. We Cannot afford it

    African countries easily copied the template of “stay at home” or lockdown orders, as in many Western countries but didn’t copy the accurate distribution of funds ranging from $1000-$1500 to citizens

    2. No Credible Data

    Nigeria does not have credible demographic data to identify and target the most vulnerable unlike the western world. The Government doesn’t even know where the most Vulnerable ate located! They just give money to People who in turn embezzle it and post photos

    3. There is no Effective Execution

    The Covid Cases keeps increasing everyday and if the Lockdown is a way to reduce or halt the spread of the Virus, then from the results it’s clearly not working and counter productive as a matter of Fact.

    4. There is no Exit Plan

    The idea of Lockdown is to contain the spread in a given time and if it’s not contained in that period, there will be extensions. If Point 3 above is still valid, then there’s clearly no plan to stop the Lockdown. Which is a suicidal waiting game.

    So the cases continue to double and we continue to stay at home without no source of income. Soon savings will be exhausted and people will be forced to come out to hustle for food since point No1 is still valid and then we are back to point No 2.

    5. Hunger Virus

    Africans have had high rates of poverty and hunger even without the CV19, now this just throws us into more hunger and in a couple of weeks, people will have more health issues sprung up from Malnutrition and hunger.

    6. Health Pandemic

    In normal times, thousands die every day in Africa due to other illnesses and communicable diseases — cholera, malaria, lassa fever, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, zika virus, measles, small pox etc

    Lockdowns worsen these as many of the victims of these now have little or no cash to attend to themselves. Soon the pharmacy shops will run out of imported drugs with Border restrictions in China and India. Local adulterated drugs sales will increase to fill that gap, it’s now a life or death situation.

    7. Politicians are doing Photo Charity, in Nigeria’s Language “Audio Charity”.

    Much fanfare, drop a few currency notes or grains here and there for some hundreds, when millions are in desperate need, just to be seen to have “done something”

    8. Crime Pandemic

    Phew, everyone saw this coming, we just didn’t expect it so soon. The Touts see this as an elite problem and for them, “the hunger Virus is more dangerous than corona virus”. The desperate ones are forced to take desperate actions to survive

    9. Many Firms will die!

    Most of the owners of MSMEs will probably consume their business capital during the lockdowns, with no clear helpline afterwards. It won’t be long Business owners may not be able to sustain the work from home or pay salaries

    10. Agriculture will be hit hard

    Agriculture in Africa is rain-fed and seasonal. Lockdowns during the planting season could threaten food security in months ahead. Inflation will shoot up while people who need transport to their farms cannot do so.

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